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What to Expect in 18 Weeks at Resilient Coders

01. technical skills

Our coders virtually meet, every day, and start off learning HTML and CSS, then take a deep dive into Javascript, Node, MongoDB and React. They build multiple projects each week and have the support of program team, mentors, and alumni during their coding journeys.

02. professional development

Students also work on the skills that make the "whole engineer" during bootcamp. Our staff helps them build on their essential communication techniques, public speaking strategies, best time management practices, professional portfolios, and interviewing skills.

03. Life-long learning

It’s rare that students will land in a role using the exact tech-stack we teach, however, they will strengthen their abilities to learn languages quickly and efficiently, read through documentation, and the necessary skills to solve problems on an engineering team.


As a non-profit organization that provides free training with a learning stipend, we have a mandate to work alongside:

  • Black, Indigenous, Latinx, AAPI, or identify as POC

  • Between the ages of 18-35

  • Residents in the Greater Boston and Greater Philadelphia areas

  • You have a low income background. We have a specific racial and socioeconomic mandate

  • You are ready and eligible to work in this country

  • You can commit to working as a software engineer in the city you applied to immediately following the bootcamp

  • High school diploma or equivalency. Please note that our program focuses on people who have limited access to traditional educational pathways. About a quarter of our students have a bachelor’s degree, which is roughly consistent proportionally with our minority-majority neighborhoods. Unfortunately, we can’t admit candidates with advanced post-secondary degrees (MBA, PhD, etc).

  • You watched this free one hour class

  • You are in the process of completing or have completed the responsive design coursework

Please review eligibility before applying or contact us at for questions.

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